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Forfatter: John D Gauchat
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The Most Simple To Do List

MicroTasks is a simple To Do list, designed to help you take notes for a project or prepare a quick list of tasks, such as a shopping list, grocery list, etc.

The app is an improvement of the Notes application, but the notes are organized as lists of tasks. You can create all the lists you want and mark the tasks you have done.

The design of MicroTasks is minimalistic and non intrusive. You can focus on your notes and get the information you need faster. The tasks done are moved to a separate tab, so you always have quick access to the things you still have to do.


- Simple tasks creation and organization
- Easy visualization of the state of each list (number of tasks to do and tasks done shown below the title)
- Tasks edition
- Printing (available for AirPrint compatible printers)
- Synching by iCloud (available from iOS 7)
- Universal App (use it on any Apple device)